My name is Ocean Bones. I am a skeleton in costume. Which means I am a human.

I design and make upcycled, one-off sustainable garments, hand-printed in the most environmentally-friendly way I can.

The prints on my clothing reference aspects of socio-cultural history that are directly intertwined with climate change and climate poverty. They also often reference figures and features within pop and cult culture, as I believe pop culture and sub-cultures are easy entry-points through which to discover and approach the socio-cultural conditions and behaviours that cause, maintain and tether climate change; pop culture is a lens through which to understand how humans interact with one another and the environment. Also – it’s fun!

This is my blog exploring responsible culture; ethical and environmentally sustainable textiles, ‘fashion’ (antiquated word – ‘style’ is better, it’s more sustainable!) and also tourism.

I am currently travelling, researching as much as I can about ethical and sustainable garment and textile production. Along the way I have tried to be a responsible tourist, but it can be tricky, especially as there are some black flag ‘eco’ tourism outfits about! So I decided to try and spread the word about truly responsible tourism intitiatives when I find out about them.

Upon my return to sweet, cold, beautiful England I shall be back in the studio making rad garments. Upcycling is my method of choice, in order to divert the insane amounts of discarded textiles away from landfill. I don’t even want to recycle them into new materials and fibres as this takes up energy, resources and time – which neither I nor the planet has. I’m at the start of this mission, and I intend to run a local business – no importing or exporting of material or finished products.

If anyone wants to teach me things, learn from me, help me, ask for help, take me to a punk-rock gig, give me their old unwanted denim, make plans, meet me, blindfold me and throw me to the dogs – I welcome you. The dogs are my friends – Always support the underdogs – don’t be a careless consumer and consider #whomadeyourclothes; both at home and abroad skilled garment workers need spiritual, physical and financial support – #fashrev. So pay the right price and stay in school.




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